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1Facebook Twitter Users Exhibit Social Media Fatigue

24 percent of those polled said they use their favorite social media site less than when they first signed up.

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33 percent said they were concerned about online privacy, But only 22 percent of teens said privacy concerns hurt their enthusiasm for social media.

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37 percent of respondents, particularly those in younger age groups and more tech-savvy segments, said they were using their favorite site more.

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31 percent of “Aspirers” [younger, more mobile, brand-conscious consumers] indicated that they were getting bored with their social network.

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On the flip side, a new survey by business-to-business marketing firm Bizo of 520 strategic marketers showed that 65 percent planned to increase their focus on social media over the next 12 months with email coming in second at 46 percent.

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But while the vast majority ranked social media highest, most were still struggling with how to measure its success.

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55 percent judged success on the basis of an increase/decrease in followers rather than targeting desired prospects.

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Only 14 percent of respondents tracked or measured business demographics of their social media audience.

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63 percent of respondents said they are just getting started or are hoping to get started with tracking demographics of their social media audience soon.