Juniper Networks April 7 released a new family of intrusion
detection and prevention appliances that the networking vendor says will make
it easier for VARs to deploy the technology for customers.

Juniper’s new IDP 75, 250 and 800 appliances will replace existing
Juniper IDP 50, 200 and 600 appliances, though an end-of-life date hasn’t been
named. Juniper said it expects to start
phasing out the older appliances within three to six months, but will continue
to support software releases on the legacy appliances for up to three years and
hot fixes for an additional two.

The vendor also announced it has added the IDP 8200
appliance to its lineup, targeting midmarket and small enterprise customers.

Rajneesh Chopra, IDP product line manager, Juniper Networks,
said the appliances offer VARs comprehensive network-wide security and can identify,
control and manage the flow of network traffic.
The new IDP series offers up to 10 Gbps throughput, a built-in bypass
feature that will continue network traffic even if the appliance fails, and has
separated the appliance’s control plane from the data plane so that even in the
event of an attack, the device can still be managed and monitored.

The new appliances also include on-board reporting
capabilities and dual power supplies.

Chopra said over the past few years, channel partners asked
that Juniper make the IDP appliances simpler to install, configure and deploy
for their end customers. He said that in
answer to partners’ requests, the new IDP line included one-touch network
configuration and security policy implementation.

Once the IDP appliance is introduced to a customer’s network,
it automatically discovers the network configuration for the customer’s
network, Chopra said. In addition, once
connected to the internet, the appliance automatically pulls the most relevant
and current security policy from Juniper’s security threat database. 

These enhancements speed up the security implementation and
configuration process for VARs, said Chopra, and "completely take the
guesswork out of configuration and setup." He added that the new IDP
appliances are an easy upsell for VARs, since they are designed to fit
seamlessly into a customer’s existing network. 

"If you have an IDP 50, 200, 600 or 1100, you simply
deploy this new device on your network and it will pull your current security
policy with no discernable change, no service interruptions, nothing,"
said Chopra.

John Yun, product manager, Juniper, said the appliances will
be available starting in April. The IDP
75 starts at $8,000 for 150 Mbps throughput. 
The IDP 8200 starts at $70,000 for one four-port Ethernet I/O module and
10 Gbps throughput. The IDP 8200 can
support up to four I/O modules, said Yun.