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1Desktops Left in the Dust

There is no doubt that every day workers are becoming more mobile, but that’s even truer for the CXO that rushes around from satellite office to business dinner. Every CXO surveyed opts for a laptop, leaving the days of the desktop in the dust.

2Reliability More Important than Frills

Running multi-national corporations requires reliability and trust, and for the CXO selecting a laptop, it’s no different. What’s the chief reason the Chief chooses a laptop? Reliability. Pre-packaged add-ons and frilly features are less important, especially if they take away from the core function of the laptop.

3Sleek and Sexy Smartphones Not for the Enterprise

Mobile devices loaded with email are almost standard-issue in most enterprises nowadays. CXOs view the smartphone as a business device, and standard mobile phones as more for personal use. Most find that sleek design, sexy multimedia capabilities and digital camera features just get in the way of the business use. Instead, CXOs are looking for ease-of-use and reliability in the ideal enterprise smartphone.

4BlackBerry Entrenched

"The growth of smartphones, as a percentage of total mobile phone sales, has been quite dramatic in North America and the trend will only continue in the coming years," comments Brent Iadarola, Global Research Director of the Mobile and Wireless Communications Practice at Frost & Sullivan. "Interestingly, BlackBerry was the top-owned smartphone among U.S. CXOs; however, Apple’s iPhone had the strongest brand loyalty."

5Critical Collaboration

Adoption of collaboration tools is on the upswing, and even the CXO is getting into the act. 80% of CXOs use the same Web-based collaboration tools deployed across the enterprise. Surprisingly, CXOs seek to stick to the basics in collaboration tools, pointing to ease of use and desktop sharing as the most important features.

6About the Survey

The end-user study titled 2010 U.S. CXOs’ Choice: Mobile Computing Products and Service synthesizes survey results of interviews with US-based CXOs across a span of different industries to uncover their preferences for mobile communication and computing products & services, including smartphones, laptops, Web-based collaboration tools and location-based services.