Charitable Donations

1Charitable Donations

Donating in the name of your client is a great idea, especially in today’s economic climate where organizations are struggling for funds. Experts say keep your charity of choice to non-polarizing organizations like the Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Unicef, and Global Santa.

2Sweets and Chocolates

You can’t go wrong with high-end sweets from Godiva or locally-made treats from independent candy shops. Just make sure you are designating a recipient-you don’t want those expensive chocolates getting lost (or getting eaten in the mail room).

3Wine and Booze

Unless you know your client is a non-drinker, good wines and bottles of liquor are always an option and much appreciated at the holidays.

4Personalize It

Many vendors spend a lot of time with their clients, and have close relationships. Your mother was right – a thoughtful gift always means more. If your client is Tom Brady’s number one fan, a pair of NFL tickets may be in order. Just keep professional boundaries in mind.

5Handwritten Notes

Nowadays, handwritten notes are pretty rare. Keep in mind slapping a printed label on a generic card does not reflect well on your brand. Writing personal notes of thanks is classy and meaningful.


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