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1Building Brand through Social Networks

Small Social Network BudgetsAccording to the study, 4 out of 5 (84%) of chief marketing officers (CMOs) allocate less than 10% of their budgets to experimenting through social media and non-traditional communications channels, with more than 55% allocating 5% or less.

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Social Network PopularityThe number of adult Internet users who have profiles on social networks quadrupled to 35% in 2008, up from just 8% in 2005.

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Delay in Strategy AdoptionAlthough CMOs say they have medium or high levels of comfort in dealing with non-traditional media, few are adopting these strategies for their own brands and, consequently, missing out on learning from and contributing to the conversations that are taking place online.

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Maintaining RelevancyTo stay ahead of the social networking trend, marketing orgs need to focus on three key areas to maintain relevancy with customers: internal collaboration, sharing customer data in a timely manner, and engaging new, external stakeholders like those found in social networks and the blogosphere.

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Social Media Policies3 out of 10 (29%) of CMOs report having a social media policy that is widely adhered to within their company and another 31% are currently developing a policy. Implementing these policies is proving to be a challenge, with just over a quarter (26%) of CMOs stating they have a policy but it is not complied with within their companies.

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Big Impact Blogosphere"Bloggers are the new media trendsetters/reviewers for products and services, a trusted voice by those who follow their posts," said CMO Club member Ted Rubin, chief marketing officer, e.l.f. Cosmetics. "If you empower these consumers to evangelize your brand, establish yourself as a trusted source and give them the tools, they will run with it and lend you their credibility."

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Internal Communication LackingCMOs report a lack of internal communication – 48% said they have no formal interaction with the department responsible for NGOs/non-profits; 39% do not formally liaise with investor relations, and 22% do collaborate with those responsible for liaising with financial analysts.

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Tracking Brand PerceptionThe majority of CMOs (95%) formally track the attitudes or opinions of their customers to their brands, falling to 7 out of 10 (69%) among potential customers, but other audiences are being ignored: 84% do not gauge the opinions of NGOs/non-profits; 59% do not gauge the general public, and 32% do not formally gauge sentiment among their employees.