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Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service is currently experiencing an outage that is affecting several major websites including Reddit and Hootsuite.

A message on the Reddit site said: "Amazon is currently experiencing a degradation. They are working on it. We are still waiting on them to get to our volumes. Sorry."

The Amazon Web Services Service Health Dashboard lists the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud in Northern Virginia as experiencing instance connectivity, latency and error rates. The Amazon Relational Database Service at that same Northern Virginia location was listed as having database instance connectivity and latency issues.

A log entry on the Health Dashboard at 8:12 am PDT states: "Despite the continued effort from the team to resolve the issue we have not made any meaningful progress for the affected database instances since the last update. Create and Restore requests for RDS database instances are not succeeding in US-EAST-1 region."

Site logs indicate that the problems began at 1:41 am PDT.

The cloud outage at Amazon comes at a time when so many technology vendors are encouraging customers and partners to make the move to cloud computing services.