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110 Reasons to Wait for Sprints iPhone 5

1. Another Carrier, Another OptionOne of the nice things about Apple bringing the iPhone to Verizon’s network was that consumers and enterprise users would now have a choice of carrier. Now that Sprint might be joining the fray, they’ll have yet another option. Why buy a device now when waiting a few months could bring more choices?

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2. How Will Pricing Work?Sprint is much smaller than Verizon Wireless and AT&T, and it’s facing the possibility of T-Mobile USA merging with AT&T. If that happens, Sprint would be the smallest carrier in the business by a long shot. Realizing that, perhaps Sprint would find ways to coax Apple customers to its side with better pricing on plans and services. Chances are it won’t discount the iPhone 5, but who knows?

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3. Unlimited Data?After Verizon transitioned its business away from unlimited data and toward tiered options, some wondered if Sprint would follow. However, the company hasn’t done it yet, which means customers who buy the iPhone 5 on the carrier’s network might get unlimited data with the new device. That alone is worth the wait.

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4. iOS 5The biggest issue with buying the iPhone 4 now is that it won’t come with the latest version of iOS, iOS 5. Apple hasn’t released the smartphone operating system, causing some to speculate that it might make its way to the market at the same time as the iPhone 5.

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5. Expect A Nicer DisplayThere are several reasons to wait for the iPhone 5, but its anticipated improved display is arguably chief among them. The device, reports claim, will come with an edge-to-edge screen that will give users far more room to feel their way around applications. Even better, if the reports come true, that device — screen and all — will be available on Sprint’s network. Nice.

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6. It’s Great to Help the UnderdogIt might not be the best reason to buy a phone that one will be locked into for two years, but opting to wait for the Sprint-ready version of the iPhone 5 to help the carrier combat its larger rivals might not be such a bad idea. As noted, Sprint will be dwarfed by AT&T and Verizon. The least a customer can do is help Sprint take on what some say, will be an anti-competitive environment if T-Mobile USA merges with AT&T.

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7. 4G Connectivity?Sprint is investing heavily in its 4G rollout. And chances are, the iPhone 5 will come with the ability to connect to 4G networks. That alone might be a good reason to wait for the Sprint-ready iPhone 5, rather than invest in a smartphone right now.

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8. Apple Needs It to SucceedApple fans should be more than happy to wait for the Sprint-ready iPhone 5. After all, Apple’s decision to offer the iPhone on Verizon’s network was about its desire to compete with Android just as much as its desire to give customers more options. Fans that want to help the company out would be smart to wait for the Sprint-ready iPhone 5, buy it, and show support for its continued rollouts.

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9. The iPhone 4 Won’t Hold UpWhile investing in an iPhone 4 may seem like a good idea, with the iPhone 5 on the horizon, that would be a mistake. Once the iPhone 5 is announced, its predecessor won’t be able to keep up. The iPhone 4 is a nice device, but it’s not the iPhone 5.

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10. More PowerOne of the issues some critics have with the iPhone 4 is that it’s not as high-powered as some of its predecessors boasting dual-core processors. However, the iPhone 5 will likely come with that additional power, offering consumers far better performance. Waiting for the iPhone 5 on Sprint’s network would be a fine idea.