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110 Reasons to Buy A Tablet Right Now

1. Everyone Else IsLet’s face it: the vast majority of consumers and enterprise customers are in one way or another thinking seriously about buying a tablet. Sometimes, that means picking up the iPad, while in other cases, they’re thinking about opting for another device. In either case, tablets are all the rage right now, and being left behind isn’t a good idea.

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2. The iPad Is CallingApple’s iPad is arguably one of the most worthwhile devices on store shelves nowadays. And it’s probably the most appealing tablet right now. Those who are looking to get their hands on tablets don’t necessarily need to wait to see if another product will best the iPad. Apple’s tablet is good enough now to justify its purchase.

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3. Smartphones Aren’t Cutting ItWhen it comes to mobile computing, smartphones just aren’t delivering the same level of usability that most consumers and enterprise customers are hoping for. Not only do they have far too small form factors, but when it comes to productivity, they fall flat. Tablets, on the other hand, don’t fall flat. They’re bigger, they make for more productivity, and they’re all around more appealing. It’s a win-win.

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4. Netbooks Are DeadA couple years ago, netbooks were all the rage in the mobile-computing space. Companies that wanted employees to be productive on the go and consumers that didn’t want to lug around heavy notebooks opted for the lightweight alternatives. But those devices are obsolete now. And choosing a tablet just makes more sense.

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5. Lightweight Notebooks Aren’t Much BetterIf the average customer shouldn’t get their hands on a netbook, it’s probably a good idea for those folks to stay away from lightweight notebooks, as well. Devices like the MacBook Air are fine for those who already have tablets or are really against slates, but for all others, they don’t make much sense. It’s better to opt for tablets, since they’re even might lightweight and in most cases, even more mobile.

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6. The Prices Are ReasonableWhen one compares pricing of tablets to other devices on store shelves, it’s clear that products like the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and even the upcoming Motorola Xoom are reasonably priced. The iPad starts at $499. The Xoom will start at $600 when it launches. Meanwhile, notebooks and other computers can at times be much more expensive than that. Simply put, budget-conscious customers should probably opt for tablets over any other device.

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7. It’s About MobilityWhen it’s all said and done, tablets are about mobility — getting consumers and enterprise employees to be as productive as possible without any fuss while they’re on-the-go. Realizing that, tablets are a fine option. They can be tossed into a bag or taken out on a plane ride to get some work done. They’re versatile and they’re easily mobile. And when it’s all said and done, they offer folks more value.

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8. They Are the FutureMake no mistake that as one looks towards the future, tablets are firmly planted there. Smartphones are, as well. But it’s debatable how many other products, including notebook PCs and desktops, will enjoy the same level of popularity in the future as they do now. Tablets are simply what consumers and enterprise customers will be thinking about and using for at least the foreseeable future. So, why wait to get a tablet when one knows that it’ll be relevant years from now?

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9. Enterprise Customers Need ThemAs mentioned before, the enterprise is thinking seriously about getting in on the tablet fun, as well. It makes sense. Enterprise users are always looking for ways to make employees more productive. And what better way to do that than to give employees a platform that allows them to be mobile, while still performing many of the tasks they engage in on a notebook? If productivity is what companies are after, waiting on a tablet purchase doesn’t make much sense.

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10. Google’s InfluenceGoogle’s influence could be integral to the success of tablets this year. The company’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb platform promises better functionality than many other operating systems in the space. And perhaps most importantly, it should also help improve sales of some of the tablets expected to make a splash this year, like the Motorola Xoom. Considering that, consumers shouldn’t worry about going into the tablet space now. If they choose an Android 3.0 Honeycomb option, they should be quite happy with what they find.