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110 Features We Like In the Kindle Fire

The PriceWhat’s not to like about the Kindle Fire’s price. For $199, consumers are getting a 7-inch tablet fully equipped with Android, applications, and the e-commerce giant’s suite of services, including Amazon Instant and its cloud-storage service. It might not have the big display of the iPad 2 or 3G connectivity, but at $199, the Amazon tablet offers a great deal.

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The Design Is Quite NiceMuch has been made about the Kindle Fire’s price, but it’s also worth noting the platform boasts a compelling design. The tablet is just 7.5 inches tall and comes in less than 5 inches wide. Best of all, at just 0.45-inches thick, it should quite easy to slip it into a purse or computer bag. Mobility is vastly important, and Amazon seems to understand that.

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Amazon Stays True to ReadingThe key reason Amazon’s hardware business has been so successful has been e-books. The company offers millions of books for people to choose from, and with the Kindle Fire, users will have access to that library. It might seem like a simple feature, but it’s central to the value proposition of Amazon’s upcoming tablet.

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A Great Option For Amazon CustomersOne of the smart things Amazon is doing with its Fire tablet is capitalizing on its many popular services. From Amazon Instant to the Kindle Store, Amazon is making all of its platforms readily available to Fire owners. What’s more, the company will also offer a free month of Amazon Prime, so folks can try out the firm’s free two-day shipping option. It’s a smart move that will make current Amazon users quite happy.

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It Reduces the Need for the KindleLet’s face it: those who own the Kindle right now are wondering if they really need it if they buy a Kindle Fire. Amazon’s tablet will provide access to the company’s e-book store, but it also adds Web browsing, e-mail support, and perhaps most importantly, color. Kindle owners are simply going to find a better experience on Amazon’s tablet than their current e-reader.

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Don’t Forget About the Dual-Core ProcessorAlthough it didn’t get the kind of attention many of the Fire’s other features did, the fact that the tablet is coming with a dual-core processor is very important. Dual-core processors offer better performance, improved speed, and the ability for users to get the most from video content. Plus, it puts the Kindle Fire on the same level as Apple’s iPad 2, which also has a dual-core processor. Make no mistake, the Kindle Fire’s dual-core processor is important to its future.

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AndroidAlthough Android has faced some difficulty gaining traction in the tablet space, the operating system is becoming more appealing with each new version. For that reason, it might just be a good thing that Android is running on the Kindle Fire. Sure, it’s not iOS, but for now, Android is the second-best option in the OS space. And it’s available on Amazon’s upcoming tablet.

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AppsWhen Amazon launched its own Android app store, it seemed that the writing was on the wall, and the company would unveil an Android-based device sooner rather than later. Now that it has done so, the Fire will support Amazon’s application marketplace. If you haven’t been to that store, it includes all the popular apps, including Angry Birds, that folks will find elsewhere, as well some hidden gems. Like other tablets, apps will play a central role in the Kindle Fire’s value proposition.

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It Works With Amazon’s CloudOne of the nice things about Amazon’s services is its cloud offering. Users can store content in the cloud, access it from different devices, and continue to share items along the way. According to Amazon, its Kindle Fire will support the firm’s cloud service, allowing users to upload content and stream or download it to the tablet. It’s especially nice, since the Kindle Fire doesn’t come with much storage — just 8GB.

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It Could Make Apple NervousAlthough Amazon is trying to distance its Kindle Fire from the iPad 2, its device might just cause some trouble for Apple’s tablet. After all, the Kindle Fire’s price is extremely appealing. Plus, it’ll be sitting on the front page of when it launches, which means millions of people will know about it. That last element might just be most important to the Kindle Fire. As important as advertising is, there’s nothing better than being featured on Amazon’s homepage. And the Kindle Fire will get that special treatment day in, day out.