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11. The Photographer

About: The photographer in today’s tech world is looking for ample storage to save all their photos. They also want a nice screen to show those photos off. They might take pictures with a traditional camera, but it would also be nice if the tablet they were using had one too. After all, who knows when an opportunity might crop up?Tablet Choice: 64GB Apple iPad 2

22. The Adventurer

About: The adventurer is perhaps best known for spending weekends hiking up mountains, taking a nice boat ride out on the lake, or going for long rides in uncharted territories. They need a rugged tablet with 3G connectivity and ample applications to help them get the most out of their trips. Tablet Choice: Apple’s iPad with 3G (any storage size will do)

33. The Reader

About: Unlike the adventurer, who wants to be out of the home all the time, the Reader is someone who enjoys the laziness of a Sunday or the opportunity to sit on a beach for hours at a time just reading a book (without worrying about sunglare on the screen). They need the best reading option in the market and a device that will deliver books for an affordable price.Tablet Choice: Amazon Kindle (bonus points for the 9.7-inch DX version)

44. The Doctor

About: Today’s doctors are becoming more and more likely to join the ranks of tablet owners. They see value in toting around a device while they’re visiting patients. Realizing that, they need lightweight devices to bring with them. It would also help if the device came with enough apps related to the health sector to help them do their jobs.Tablet Choice: Apple’s iPad 2 (any size; Wi-Fi-only or 3G versions will both work)

55. The Gamer

About: Today’s gamer is a person that spends hours in front of a television playing the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo Wii. And when they’re away from home, they typically pick up a smartphone or portable-gaming device to continue enjoying titles. When they’re looking for a tablet, they want a nice, big display, an ample number of games, and a price level on those titles that they can be happy with.Tablet Choice: Apple iPad 2 64GB with 3G for additional storage and functionality

66. The Entertainment Seeker

About: There are some folks out there that just want to be entertained. They might enjoy a video game every now and then, but they also want to be able to watch some movies and television shows. It also would be nice if the tablet they were buying came with HDMI-out functionality, so they could send their screen to their HDTV.Tablet Choice: Motorola Xoom with 3G

77. The IT Manager

About: Today’s IT manager is concerned with many things. They need to worry about productivity, the services a particular device offers, and how well all that will go along with getting their work done as efficiently as possible. They need an enterprise solution that can deliver, perhaps, the same level of functionality as a BlackBerry smartphone. Screen size isn’t as much of an issue.Tablet Choice: The upcoming RIM BlackBerry PlayBook

88. The Apple Hater

About: There are some folks out there that have no use for Apple or anything that it stands for. Every time they hear Apple CEO Steve Jobs speak, they cringe. When they find out that the company has offered up a new iPad or iPhone, they scoff. When they get ready to buy a tablet, the last thing they want is an iPad 2.Tablet Choice: The Motorola Xoom — perhaps the best non-iPad tablet on the market today.

99. The Child

About: Just because the tablet market is filled with adults, it doesn’t mean that kids can’t get in on the fun. In fact, it’s probably a good idea for parents to think about getting their kids a tablet, so they can become acquainted with the unique devices as they continue to sell well going forward. However, parents should also keep in mind that when it comes to kids, simplicity (and saving cash) is just fine.Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab — a simpler Android-based tablet

1010. The Road Warrior

About: The road warrior is the person that spends the vast majority of their time on-the-go. They need a device that can withstand their busy lifestyle and they require the tablet to be rugged enough to withstand being tossed around in the back of the car or in luggage. The size of the display won’t matter so much, but solid functionality and reliability will be a requirement.Tablet: Apple’s iPad with a case. If no case is available, there isn’t a solid solution out there.Image 10: iPad 2 size