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11. Tablets, Tablets, Tablets

Apple’s iPad has been a huge success in the consumer market. And due to that success, it’s starting to make some inroads in the enterprise. IT decision-makers are buying them for employees, and in some cases, allowing employees to buy them on their own and bring them to their operation. It’s an interesting change that’s affecting the enterprise in a big way.

22. Thinking About iOS?

As little as a year ago, the enterprise wasn’t thinking all that seriously about adopting iOS. Apple’s iPhone was simply too consumer-focused to make it all that useful to corporate users. But with the launch of the iPad and iOS 4, all that has changed, and companies are now thinking more seriously about iOS than ever before.

33. Apple Is a Consideration

As the iPad and iOS start becoming more common in the enterprise, Apple’s appeal to the corporate world is growing. It’s a monumental shift in the marketplace, given Apple’s strained relationship with the enterprise all these years. And by the looks of things, Apple might be improving its corporate standing even more going forward.

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4. Google Makes Inroads</b.Google continues to make serious inroads into the enterprise, thanks to the impact its Android operating system has had in the mobile market. Devices like the Motorola Droid Pro are helping Android gain some ground in the corporate world.

55. Giving Employees Choice

Traditionally, IT staff determined what was best for the productivity needs of employees and provided those products to them. But now, as consumer products become more appealing in the enterprise, IT staff is allowing employees greater choice. And employees are taking advantage.

66. Forgetting About the BlackBerry?

As other options gain popularity in the enterprise, RIM’s market share is declining. It’s not about to disappear, but as more consumer-focused products come to the corporate world, the BlackBerry could be pushed aside.

77. Looking Beyond the Desktop

As employees become more mobile, the desktop is being left behind. Notebooks, netbooks, and even tablets are replacing their desktop counterparts because they deliver more viability to the average company employee. That’s great for notebook vendors, but not so great for desktop makers.

88. Focusing In On Productivity

Companies need their technology to help employees be more productive. And as consumer-focused products become more popular with the enterprise, those that can boost productivity will thrive.

99. Straddling the Home/Office Line

By allowing employees to bring more consumer-focused products into their operation, companies are being forced to take a more hands-off approach to their other uses of products. Employees may surf the Web on their netbooks, watch Netflix on their iPad, or use apps on the iPhone.

1010. Worrying More About Security

With more products being used by employees that IT staff can’t control, the threat of sensitive data leaking out is real — and troublesome. The infiltration of consumer devices in the enterprise is creating a new security environment that IT staff will have to manage.