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11. Siri Is Coming

Apple’s Siri virtual personal assistant will likely be integrated with Apple television, letting you control the TV with your voice. Want to change the channel? Call on Siri. Want to raise the volume? Siri will help. The time has finally come for voice commands to control the television.

22. A Top-Notch HD Experience

In the television space, several companies, including Samsung, LG, and Panasonic, have provided high-quality visual experiences. But Apple is expected to offer up something even better that could rival, if not beat out, LG’s “Super LED” technology. In other words, get ready to be blown away.

33. Expect the Standard Apple Design Flair

Although Apple hasn’t announced plans for a television, when it does release one you can bet it will feature the classic quality design that is featured in the rest of its product line. Will it have the aluminum finish found in Macs? Will it be glass like the iPhone 4S? No matter what Apple delivers, expect it to look much better than what’s in your living room now.

44. Apps, Anyone?

While several HDTV makers include applications in their televisions, you can bet that when Apple brings its App Store to television, it will revolutionize the TV experience with its hundreds of thousands of applications. Sure, developers will need to modify their apps a bit to accommodate the big screen, but you can bet they’ll do it.

55. Apple Wants to Eliminate the Set-Top Box

According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Apple has its sights set on eliminating the set-top box. The company ostensibly believes that all consumers really want is a single device to rule them all. And based on the latest rumors, Apple’s television will be that device.

66. Current iTunes Users Rejoice

In order to get iTunes content onto the television nowadays, you need to connect an Apple TV device to your existing TV. But a new Apple TV would include support for iTunes, eliminating that extra box and making it super easy to access your music, videos and the rest.

77. iCloud Too

Steve Jobs told his biographer Walter Isaacson that he was planning to bring iCloud to the television. Therefore, it’s safe to assume it’s coming to the device. With iCloud included, users will be able to sync content, access their calendars, view files, and maybe even store content saved on the television in the cloud. The possibilities of iCloud and the Apple television are endless.

88. Who Needs A Remote?

Gene Munster also said recently at the Ignition Conference Apple TV users won’t need a remote. Instead, they’ll be able to control the set with their iPhone or iPad. A touch screen provides a host of opportunities for controlling a television. And it only makes sense that iOS-based devices would dramatically improve the experience of using an Apple TV.

99. This Is A Steve Jobs Idea

After Steve Jobs passed away earlier this year, some wondered what Apple’s future would look like without him. Luckily, they won’t have to worry when it comes to the Apple television, since it was a Jobs idea from the beginning. The very fact that he had a clear vision for it means that it will revolutionize the living room.

1010. All Others Will Fall In Line

When Apple entered the smartphone market, it changed the space forever. When it entered the tablet space, it created a template for how other devices would behave. When the company enters the television market next year, expect it to do the same. More importantly, expect countless competitors, including Vizio, Samsung, and others, to follow its strategy. Apple is a change agent. And it will be a major change agent in the living room, too.