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11. Build A Smaller iPad

When Steve Jobs was running Apple, he said that he didn’t believe it should launch an iPad with a 7-inch screen. But the Kindle Fire is so far successful and price points matter in that market. A smaller iPad might mean a change in direction, but is that so bad?

22. Build A Bigger iPhone

One of the biggest issues with Apple’s iPhone has been its 3.5-inch display. Even worse, it’s competing against a host of devices with larger screens, including the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ 4.65-inch display. The time has come for Apple to offer a bigger iPhone.

33. Offer Music Streaming Over the Web

When Apple acquired Lala, there was speculation that the company would offer a Web-based streaming service. But so far, it hasn’t. Now with iCloud available to customers, with support for iTunes tracks, why wouldn’t the company launch a Pandora competitor?

44. Take On Netflix

Following that trend, it’s about time Apple sets its sights on Netflix. That company has cornered the movie- and television-streaming market. And yet, Apple hasn’t responded. What is Tim Cook waiting for?

55. Undercut Competitors On Mac Sales

With a tough economy and people looking for bargains, Apple should at least considering dropping the prices on a few of its Macs to make them a bit more appealing to consumers. If it can sell more products, such a move could also help it increase revenue.

66. License Mac OS X

Over the years, many have called on Apple to license Mac OS X. But the company has balked at the idea. Now that Tim Cook is in charge, perhaps he should revisit the strategy and give PC-makers a real Windows alternative.

77. Bring MacBook Air Stylings to MacBook Pro Line

One of the finest products Apple sells is its slim, lightweight MacBook Air. Perhaps Apple should consider bringing the same ultrathin body to the MacBook Pro, giving Apple’s high-end laptop customers a sleeker alternative.

88. Hold Off On the iPad 3

The iPad 2 is the dominant force in the tablet space and will likely remain so over the coming years. Jumping the gun on the launch of an iPad 3 would be folly while it’s still the market leader. Apple needs to learn patience. And Tim Cook is the person that can help it do just that.

99. Acquire A Web Giant

Apple has tens of billions of dollars on hand right now. And yet, the company hasn’t spent much of it. Perhaps it’s time Tim Cook spent it on a company like Yahoo! Sure, it would be an odd move for Apple, but it might be worth it.

1010. About That Television…

Rumors perpetually swirl that Apple plans to launch a television that could integrate a host of services, including the App Store and iCloud. Apple hasn’t confirmed those rumors, but if Tim Cook wants to make a mark as CEO, Apple should launch a television soon.