TRX Updates Online Booking Tools for Business Travelers

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The RESX corporate online reservation tool and SELEX Agent Desktop booking platform let administrators track, change, and report on travel arrangements.

Business professionals are often required to spend a great deal of time traveling, to meet clients, make new contacts and attend business meetings.

To help facilitate the process, TRX, a provider of transaction processing and data integration services, announced Nov. 21 that it has released new versions of its RESX corporate online reservation tool and SELEX Agent Desktop agency booking platform.

RESX is a self-service booking tool that allows business travelers to make policy-compliant travel reservations, while the SELEX Agent Desktop is an inventory-source-agnostic desktop tool made for agent-assisted bookings.

RESX V6.2 and SELEX Agent Desktop V3.2 both feature a PNR (passenger name record) synchronization function that automatically transfers travelers' reservations into the RESX and SELEX Agent Desktop database.

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"RESX v6.2 and SELEX Agent Desktop v3.2 improve the usability of tools, in particular for system administrators," Shane Hammond, executive vice president of sales and client service for Atlanta-based TRX, said in a release.

After the busy traveler confirms his or her reservation, which is stored in any GDS (General Depreciation System), the new versions of the online travel reservation tool will make the reservation available to travelers and agents so that it can be evaluated, changed or reported.

Travelers will also be able to access offline reservations at a central location, whether booked online or offline.

Both applications also allow for one reservation, one travel itinerary and one PNR to include several travel segments.

Other improvements featured in Versions 6.2 and 3.2 allow administrators to organize historical activity reports that trace back to two years' worth of travel data as well as an add look-up list.

RESX v6.2 and SELEX Agent Desktop v3.2 are available immediately. Pricing will vary based on distributor and the estimated monthly transactions made by the user.

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