Contributing writer


  • 5+ years of professional writing and technology journalism experience.
  • Master’s degree with an emphasis in writing.
  • Several years of experience as a marketing and communications director and internal project manager.
  • Experience as a writer, an editor, and a content strategist.
  • Earned Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing in 2022.


  • B.A. in History and English from Lipscomb University
  • M.A. in Humanities with a Writing and Literature emphasis from the University of Chicago

Featured In


  • Interviewed a number of interesting thought leaders, including Kathryn Guarini, the now-former CIO of IBM
  • Researched and wrote eight different detailed guides on ERP software for CIO Insight
  • One of the first tech reporters to write about a major Meta GDPR violation:
  • Led the selection and implementation process for a project management solution to fit a team of 100+ members

Favorite Technology

Generative AI and AI tools as a whole are my favorite technologies right now. These models and their capabilities are changing on a near-daily basis, and they’re reaching the point where they can genuinely disrupt and change most industries and sectors for the better (with enough regulation, of course). I’m excited to see how AI automates, improves, and expands access to useful technological breakthroughs in areas like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cybersecurity, and manufacturing over the coming months and years.