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Security Rises in Importance Among IT Pros

18 hours ago | by Michael Vizard

A new survey from CompTIA underscores the paradox that security solution providers across the channel regularly face. While IT security is a higher priority than in the past, nearly half the 500 IT... Read More »



  • Intel Security Ups Its Game With Platform Strategy
    Intel Security is offering channel partners various incentives for selling solutions to customers rather than point products.
  • How Security and Regulatory Compliance Differ
    ANALYSIS: Many executives continue to believe that achieving one automatically assures the other. Here's why this is not the case.
  • Putting a Digital Business Value on IT Security
    New research points to increasing concern over IT security among finance and line-of-business executives. A survey of 1,014 senior finance and LOB execs conducted by Cisco Systems finds that not only is there more awareness of IT security within the...
  • How High Are Your Suppliers' Security Standards?
    IT professionals should not underestimate the importance of their business partners and suppliers' security standards, and need to make investments to protect their interactions with others in their supply chain, according to a study conducted for...
  • CompTIA: Make New Processes Part of the 'Security Mix'
    Successful channel partners will focus on three key areas—processes, skills and products—to ensure that they are well-positioned for new opportunities in enterprise security, according to a new CompTIA survey of 400 IT channel...
  • What MSPs, VARs Should Know About Ransomware
    When companies fall victim to ransomware attacks, downtime seems to hurt them more than ransom costs, and the majority of managed service providers and VARs aren't recouping the time and money they spend on wiping and restoring their computer...
  • Why CXOs Need a Better Cyber-security Education
    There are big gaps in cyber-security education and training for C-level executives and board members responsible for protecting their companies from security breaches and attacks, according to a survey conducted by CyberVista and Zogby Analytics....
  • IT, Business Execs See Security Needs Differently
    The fact that IT organizations and C-level business executives are not on the same page when it comes to IT security might not be a surprise to solution providers in the channel. However, a new survey of 1,100 senior executives conducted by The...
  • The Great IT Security Paradox
    On average, the total cost of an IT security breach is closing in on a million dollars. Although large companies have more at stake than smaller ones, fixing the breach only accounts for about 15 percent of the total cost, according to the findings...
  • Five Tips for Keeping Security Costs Down
    Managed service providers can expand their client base by working out ways of limiting costs without sacrificing service. Here are guidelines for doing so.

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