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Security Pain Points Open Up Channel Opportunities

1 month ago | by Gina Roos

More than one-third of organizations that experienced a breach in 2016 reported substantial losses in customer retention, opportunity and revenue, according to Cisco's 2017 Annual Cybersecurity... Read More »



  • Companies Increase Their Reliance on MSSPs
    A majority of organizations are engaging with managed security service providers (MSSPs) to augment their internal cyber-security capabilities, according to a recent Intel Security survey. The report also found organizations that use MSSPs expect to...
  • Is Ransomware the Biggest Cyber-Security Threat?
    A survey of WatchGuard Technologies' global channel partners gives a look inside the minds of resellers. The survey of more than 1,400 partners, conducted by Vanson Bourne, reveals what resellers think about their customers' biggest threat concerns,...
  • Quest Looks to Tech Data to Ease Channel Transition
    Quest Software has aligned itself with Tech Data to make a broad range of IT management, data protection and security software available to channel partners.
  • Cloud Security Creates Channel Opportunities
    An analysis of cloud usage data from more than 30 million global users across major industries reveals that companies use an average of 1,427 cloud services. Yet, less than 9 percent of cloud providers implement the strict data security and privacy...
  • Interest in Network and Security Services Grows
    As both networking and security become more complex and difficult to manage, there will be a much greater tendency to rely on managed services, according to a survey of 700 IT professionals conducted by Cato Networks, a provider of software-defined...
  • Avnet Enters Managed Security Service Business
    Avnet launched a managed security service program for channel partners in North America that helps them grow their security practices without a huge investment.
  • Firms Struggle With Security, but MSSPs Can Help
    Most people would agree that no company is immune from cyber-attacks, but the good news is that most organizations have some kind of plan in place to deal with them. However, nearly one-third of their IT teams believe key hardware and software...
  • Every Day Is Now Halloween for IT Industry
    COMMENTARY: While companies are allocating more of their IT budgets to security, the amount of time and energy spent on these issues is rising, as well.
  • Addressing IT Security: Automated Tools Needed
    New research indicates a direct correlation between the use of automated tools to find and fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in security and network devices and satisfaction levels to complete those tasks. A majority of organizations that...
  • Retailers Need Better Security, Privacy Protection
    A new survey shows that a majority of U.S. consumers will think twice about shopping at a retail store that was a victim of a cyber-attack. Two of their biggest worries when online are security and downloading malware. The study, commissioned by...
  • Millennials Show New Interest in Security Careers
    If there is one bright spot in the run-up to the U.S. presidential election, it's the increased interest in cyber-security careers among millennials. This is thanks partly to nearly daily news reports over the past few months about Russian...
  • Reliance on IT Security Services on the Rise
    A marked increase in the volume and complexity of IT security attacks appears finally to be pushing more organizations to rely on external IT security expertise. In a global survey of 200 IT professionals with responsibility for security, more than...
  • Organizations Should Improve Their Security Hygiene
    Organizations are undermining cyber-security strides they have made by failing to enforce best practices concerning known vulnerabilities, including privileged accounts, third-party vendor access and data stored in the cloud, a new survey from...
  • How Cloud, BYOD Strategies Create Insider Threats
    Two of the biggest reasons businesses continue to struggle with insider threats are the adoption of cloud computing technology and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices. A new survey reveals that nearly three-fourths of the organizations polled...
  • IT Security Opportunities: From Cloud to Analytics
    IT security opportunities continue to proliferate for managed service providers and others in the channel as new tools and processes are developed to address new challenges.
  • Big Data Analytics Gives Security Boost to Feds
    Federal agencies that use big data analytics as part of their cyber-security strategy are improving their data security and reducing cyber breaches, according to a survey released by MeriTalk, a public-private partnership focused on the government...
  • Big Data Analytics Comes to IT Security
    Cyber-security is a game of spy versus spy that today still requires IT security professionals to be lucky and smart. Aiming to reduce their reliance on luck, many IT organizations are investing in cyber-security analytics apps based on big data...
  • Measuring the IT Security Skills Shortage's Extent
    Although many businesses understand that they're ability to defend themselves from IT security attacks is relatively weak, most of them are not in a position to do much about it, according to the findings of a new survey of 4,000 business executives...
  • 10 Best Practices for Security, Compliance Monitoring
    The Cloud Security Alliance recently published a new handbook, "The Big Data Security and Privacy Handbook: 100 Best Practices in Big Data Security and Privacy," aimed at helping big data solution providers reduce security and privacy threats that...
  • Caveat Emptor: Security Issues Key in M&A Deals
    It's no secret that safeguarding business and customer data is a big concern for companies. In mergers and acquisitions (M&As) world, cyber-security is a hot button. With nearly 800 data breaches in the United State last year, according to...
  • Making the Case for a Better Cyber Resilience Plan
    Cyber-attacks on companies of all sizes continue to grow, fueling a greater need for businesses to step up their plans to mitigate and recover from these threats. A recent global survey reveals that 66 percent of the 369 business continuity and...

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