By Sam Ingalls

TeamViewer is a leading global vendor of remote desktop software for small-to-medium business (SMBs) and enterprises. 

Offering convenient, efficient access to remote devices, customers and employees, TeamViewer is consistently ranked as a top provider of remote access software. 

First released in 2005 by Tilo Rossmanith, the new software positioned itself to take on the demand for virtual network computing (VNC). Sixteen years later, Germany-based TeamViewer offers comprehensive software for remote access, support, collaboration and desktop sharing to a global audience. The vendor boasts over 2.5 billion installations, 340 million yearly active devices, up to 45 million devices online and 350,000 subscribers, as of 2019. 

While TeamViewer’s suite of products includes connectivity, monitoring, patch management, service desk and communication technologies, we zero in on the company’s namesake product, TeamViewer Remote Access & Support. 

Our review covers the entire product: 

• Remote desktop software

• Features

• Integrations

• Benefits

• Use cases

• User reviews

• Pricing

• Competitors

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Remote desktop software

Remote desktop software is a commonly used IT tool that gives users the ability to work on a computer or machine remotely. 

Employees accessing devices remotely while maintaining network security is increasingly in demand. They use the software to virtually access their office desktop, a fellow staff member’s computer or assist a client with technical problems. Users typically install the vendor application onto a primary device (office) and a secondary device (remote), followed by entering the appropriate ID and password to start work remotely. 

While remote desktop technology is often bundled into product suites such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS), a market specializing in remote access and support remains. Because remote access software eases access across a potentially global network of devices, the biggest user concern is security. 

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TeamViewer’s remote desktop software includes standard features for the category, such as complete or view-only remote access for software-installed devices, secure cross-platform file sharing, text-based chat boxes and more. TeamViewer offers several other key features:

• Virtual private network (VPN) alternative

• Mobile device access and screen sharing

• Secure unattended access

• Wake up, restart and install functionality

• 4K remote desktop access

• 256-bit AES encryption and 2FA 

TeamViewer Remote Access and Control screenshot


With a range of software as a service (SaaS) products driving business today, TeamViewer’s remote desktop software integrates with four popular applications:

• Salesforce

• Zendesk


• Microsoft Dynamics 365

For application developers, TeamViewer’s API offers the ability to integrate the remote desktop software into an organization’s existing applications. 

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Using TeamViewer can have several tangible benefits for an organization. 

With mobile device access, cross-platform compatibility and screen sharing, organizations can remotely connect with clients and employees, no matter the location, device or operating system involved — without having to travel off-site or staff for local support.

For the organization, this prompt and efficient support can translate into reduced support time and resources as well as reduced downtime for clients and employees. 

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Use cases 

Remote desktop software helps any company offering services over a large geographic area or via the internet. IT and customer support departments are near the top of this list because both heavily rely on providing online services and technical support. As remote work grows in popularity, various sectors also implement remote access software to maintain in-network security, while allowing employees to work from home. 

Advancements in global connectivity are increasing the ways we utilize remote desktop software. Here a few ways organizations have integrated the TeamViewer product into their business model: 


In 2015, multinational conglomerate Philips crafted a new platform for its Android-based TVs and digital signage screens. Users can change content and configuration settings on demand and get round-the-clock remote access for better support. 

Accessing space

Summer research at the on-site observatory is a fixture for University of Dallas astronomy and astrophysics students. They no longer have to be physically present to collect telescope data and access telescopes remotely. 

Global technical support

California-based Trimble is a global technology services company for the agriculture, natural resources, geospatial, construction and transportation industries. Users have quick, remote access to clients in need of technical support, no matter their location. 

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User reviews

We dove into hundreds of customer reviews and testimonials of TeamViewer. 

Included below are the ratings and some of the most frequent pros and cons of TeamViewer’s remote desktop software. 

Review website













• Free personal subscription

• Connectivity and video quality

• Seamless screen sharing

• Reduced trips with remote access

• Stronger connection to clients

• Increased collaboration between staff

• Secure file transfers

• Quality of voice calls

• Buffering for large files

• More expensive than competitors

• Buffering for tablets and smartphones

• Audio conferencing configuration

• Issues with asymmetric internet connections between devices


TeamViewer offers a free personal plan and three commercial packages on an annual subscription basis. 

While the free personal subscription provides basic remote access and connection capabilities, regular users quickly move to paid subscriptions. 




Business license

Single user


Premium license



Corporate license



Business license 

Each subscription with a business license includes standard remote desktop software features as well as 1 licensed user, up to 200 managed devices, 10 meeting users and IT support over the phone. 

Premium license 

TeamViewer’s mid-level offering includes 15 licensed users, up to 300 managed devices, user access reporting and TeamViewer’s web client for stronger technical assistance. 

Corporate license 

TeamViewer’s largest package offers licensed access for up to 30 users, 500 managed devices, mass deployment capacity, channels for simultaneous work and more. 


TeamViewer also offers a handful of add-on features at an additional annual cost. From adding additional channels to securing mobile device support and pilot program technicians, TeamViewer’s add-ons all are under $1,000 a year. 


With the rise of cloud computing and the recent shift toward remote work, remote desktop software is in demand. Analysts predict revenue in the market could grow as much as 60% between 2020 and 2025. 

These are TeamViewer’s top competitors in the remote desktop software market:

• AnyDesk

• ConnectWiseControl

• GoToMyPC

• LogMeIn Rescue

• RemotePC

• Splashtop

• VNC Connect

• Zoho Assist

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