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110 Things Windows 7 Has Taught Microsoft

1. Windows Still MattersIf nothing else, Windows 7’s success has shown that the operating system still matters quite a bit. People around the globe are jumping at the chance to buy the software, and Microsoft expects that success to continue. Thanks to Windows 7, Microsoft’s operating system is on the map of users around the globe.

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2. Vendors Still Need MicrosoftWhen Windows Vista launched, the operating system was panned by critics who said it wouldn’t appeal to today’s user base. Vendors responded by not allowing for downgrade rights after finding sales were weak. But with Windows 7, all that changed. Vendors are now happy to sell Windows again. And Microsoft has found that those companies, including HP, Dell, and others, rely heavily upon it.

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3. So Does the EnterpriseThe corporate world was also unwilling to adopt Windows Vista. They viewed the platform as troublesome and a potential productivity killer. But Windows 7 is entirely different. The operating system is a fine successor to XP, and the platform that Vista should have been. Luckily for Microsoft, the enterprise is happy to see that.

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4. Mac OS X Can’t Catch WindowsApple’s Mac OS X platform was gaining some ground on Windows when Vista was on store shelves, prompting some to wonder if Apple’s operating system would one day be able to catch Windows. Now that Windows 7 has firmly secured Microsoft’s position in the marketplace, it’s clear that Mac OS X has no chance of catching Windows.

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5. Chrome OS Shouldn’t Scare MicrosoftIf Mac OS X can’t catch Windows, there’s no chance for Google’s Chrome operating system to do so either. The platform has a fraction of the features available to Windows 7, and enterprise users aren’t keen on deploying it. For the foreseeable future, Microsoft won’t need to worry one bit about Chrome OS catching up to Windows. And it has Windows 7 to thank for that.

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6. Even Horrific Mistakes Can Be OvercomeIf nothing else, Windows 7 proves that Microsoft can overcome major blunders. In this case, Windows Vista was that blunder. Vista was a sales nightmare for Microsoft. But Windows 7 has been the exact opposite. And that success should prove to the software giant that even when it makes big mistakes, they can be overcome.

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7. With Each New Release Comes A New ChallengeBecause Microsoft was able to overcome the stigma of Vista with Windows 7, the company should also realize that each version of its operating system is judged on its own merit. Gone are the days when Windows will succeed because it’s Windows. Going forward, Microsoft must make sure that each version of its operating system is a winner — or else.

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8. Security MattersWith Windows 7, Microsoft brought a host of security improvements that the enterprise and even consumers were quite happy to find. Windows Vista, on the other hand, suffered from security issues before the software giant offered up Service Pack 1. Realizing that and considering sales of both of those platforms, Microsoft must realize that more than anything else, security matters in its Windows operating system.

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9. Innovation Does TooWindows 7 delivers several innovative features, including a slick design and a much easier way to see all the programs running on the PC. But the addition of a virtual version of Windows XP is both its most innovative addition and retro addition. Microsoft realized that Vista’s support for older software and drivers wasn’t where it needed to be. To fix that Windows 7 includes Windows XP mode, which has helped Microsoft’s most recent operating system appeal even more to customers.

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10. Windows Has A Bright FutureWhen Windows Vista’s sales disappointed, some worried about the future of Microsoft’s operating system. If Windows 7 sales were similarly low, there’s be no doubt that some would be saying today that it’s the end of an era for the software giant. But Windows 7 sales have been strong, and Microsoft will be able to carry that momentum into the next version of its operating system. At this point, Windows seems to have a bright future ahead of it.