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110 Lessons HP Will Never Learn From the iPhone 5

1. Why 4G MattersRumors abound that the iPhone 5 will come with 4G connectivity. And why wouldn’t it? The high-speed wireless-networking solution is considered the future of mobile connectivity. What’s more, it’s much faster than 3G. If the iPhone 5 comes with 4G, all others will need to follow suit. Too bad HP won’t join them.

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2. How NFC Might Come Into PlayWhen HP offered up its mobile products, the company didn’t quite see the value of near-field communication the way Apple will. HP simply allowed its smartphones and TouchPad to interact with each other after tapping them together. But Apple is expected to offer a mobile-payment solution with its NFC-enabled iPhone 5. And when that happens, both Apple and Google will be facing each other for control of the mobile-payments market. HP, on the other hand, will only be able to watch from the sidelines.

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3. How to Launch A ProductLet’s face it: HP didn’t really know how to launch a mobile product. The company’s Pre 3 and Veer devices garnered no attention just a day after they were announced, and the same issue occurred with the TouchPad’s launch. Apple, on the other hand, knows what it’s doing. It lets the rumor mill build up hype, and then it makes a big fuss about the respective product. From there, it allows news outlets to tell the world. It’s an ingenious strategy that HP can witness once the iPhone 5 launches.

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4. What Marketing Mobile Devices Is All AboutHP’s poor attempts at marketing its TouchPad seemed to confirm that the company didn’t really know how to promote a mobile product. The average consumer didn’t even know the device existed, and what’s worse, HP didn’t offer compelling ads to remind them. If it was still competing in the mobile space, it could have learned a thing or two from Apple when Apple announces, and then markets, its iPhone 5.

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5. Why OS Development Matters MostHP thought that it was on to something with WebOS. And for some users who aren’t too keen on iOS, it was. However, the vast majority of folks like what they find in Android’s and Apple’s mobile operating systems. And compared to those platforms, WebOS falls short. The iPhone 5 is likely to ship with iOS 5. And that operating system shows quite convincingly why OS development matters most.

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6. Big Displays Mean Big BusinessBig displays receive the most attention from consumers. The iPhone 4 comes with a 3.5-inch screen, while the Samsung Galaxy S II has a 4.3-inch display. And yet, HP tried its luck in the mobile business with the HP Pre 3’s 3.58-inch display – just a little bigger than iPhone 4’s screen. With the iPhone 5, Apple is expected to unveil a bigger, edge-to-edge display. And it will prove to HP that investing in a bigger screen is always a good idea.

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7. Design Is Vastly ImportantWhen looking at the HP Pre 3, it’s hard to find many redeeming qualities in its design. It has a prominent display, which is nice, but it’s bulky due to its slide-out physical keyboard. It’s an odd design choice. If Apple has proven anything over the years, it’s that product design is immensely important. Too bad HP didn’t seem to get that memo.

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8. Think Seriously About Future-ProofingOne of the key hallmarks of Apple’s business has been future-proofing. The company continuously develops products that hold up quite well against the competition for a couple years. HP’s mobile products, on the other hand, didn’t do anything of the sort. In fact, the Pre 3 would have been obsolete just one year later — if it hadn’t been discontinued.

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9. The Art of AnticipationHP doesn’t seem to understand the importance of anticipation in today’s mobile space. When the company was offering up its own mobile products, it simply showed them off and moved on. But Apple is different; it builds excitement for products by relying on the rumor mill and then just when anticipation hits a tipping point, offers up all the details on its products. It’s a tried and true technique that Apple has capitalized on — and HP never understood.

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10. How to Be SuccessfulWhen it’s all said and done, the iPhone 5 will show how to be successful. The device will undoubtedly catch on with consumers and enterprise users alike. And it will help solidify Apple’s position in the mobile space. But over the past year, HP never really knew what it took to be successful. And in the process, its products fell short.