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11.It’s the iPad, Isn’t It?

Sorry to be overly simplistic here, but why shouldn’t you buy a special someone the iPad this holiday season? After all, it’s the iPad; the device that consumers around the globe are jumping at the chance to buy. The iPad isn’t like any other tablet.

22.Think About iTunes

The nice thing about the iPad is that it provides a host of entertainment opportunities to consumers, thanks to iTunes. That platform will allow your loved one to buy movies, rent television shows, or pick up some music. And if they already have an iPod, they can put all their music and video onto it.

33.iPhone Owners, Rejoice!

Does the person you’re thinking of buying the iPad for already own an iPhone iPhone? If so, it’s about time you head down to the Apple Store to buy them the iPad. The iPhone and iPad complement each other well. And they’re great to bring along on trips.

44.Apps Galore

As time goes on, Apple continues to bring more and more applications to its App Store. And the best part is, all those applications help extend the functionality of the tablet. If you’re trying to get the device that will provide the best experience to your loved ones, choosing the iPad is the right move.

55.The Price Is Right

Much has been made about the Amazon Kindle Fire’s $199 price tag. And although the iPad 2 looks rather expensive in comparison at $499 to start, you’re getting much more for it. For one, the device has a bigger display. It also has more applications. Add that to dual-camera support and the option to choose a black or white version, and the iPad 2 seems like a winner.

66.Mobile Connectivity

If your loved one is a road warrior, the iPad 2 seems like the ideal choice. Apple’s tablet supports 3G connectivity, which means users will be able to connect to the Web wherever AT&T’s or Verizon’s 3G networks are accessible. Tablets are meant to be mobile. And the iPad proves that quite clearly.

77.It’s All About Design

If you’re set on buying a tablet, but don’t know which device to order, consider the iPad’s design. Looking around the tablet space, there is simply no other device on the market that can deliver the same look and feel as the iPad. That must count for something, right?

88.It’s What They Want

Although you might be partial to the Kindle Fire or Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, you need to keep in mind that Apple’s iPad is the device most consumers want this holiday season. In fact, it’s the most coveted tablet on store shelves. Wouldn’t it be better to give your loved one what they want?

99.They Can Use It At Work

The nice thing about the iPad is that it can be used at work. So, if your loved one wants to perform some basic work tasks with the iPad, they can. It’s a nice selling point for those that don’t want to get bogged down in devices that can only work in certain locations.

1010.It’s Cheaper Than A Mac

In the consumer space, just about everyone wants to get their hands on a Mac. The only issue is, those devices can be extremely expensive. So, it’s perhaps better to buy an iPad for your loved one, rather than drop the hundreds of more dollars to get a Mac. They’ll still be happy with what you buy — and you’ll be able to save some cash. It’s a win-win.