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1Why Android Owners Aren’t Impressed By iPhone 4S

They Have Bigger ScreensOne of the most important things to many smartphone buyers today is the size of their device’s screen. And unfortunately, in that area, the iPhone 4S fall short. Like its predecessor, the iPhone 4S has a 3.5-inch screen. Many recent Android-based devices, however, come with a 4.3-inch display. It might not seem like much on paper, but in person, it’s huge.

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They Have the Real 4GApple has been trying to drive the point home that its iPhone 4S will be able to deliver the same kind of downlink speeds as 4G alternatives. The company says that the iPhone 4S supports 14.4Mbps downlink, which matches the speeds capable in Android-based 4G counterparts. But whether or not Apple’s smartphone will be able to make good on that promise remains to be seen. Plus, it’s better KNOW you have LTE speeds than to hope for it, right?

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They Can Choose Any Carrier AlreadyMuch has been made about Apple making the iPhone 4 and 4S available to Sprint. And while that’s a welcome addition, it’s important to remember that Android handset owners already have all the options they want. If they decide to use an Android device on Verizon or AT&T’s networks, they can. If they opt for a device on Sprint or T-Mobile’s networks, that’s up to them. If choice matters most, Android has iOS easily beaten.

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They’ve Already Chosen Android Over iOSThere might be one simple reason Android handset owners are not impressed with the iPhone 4S: they’ve already decided that iOS isn’t for them. The iPhone is readily available in the marketplace, and if customers really wanted to buy it, they could. But Android owners have decided, for whatever reason, that iOS isn’t right for them. Considering the iPhone 4S will be running iOS 5 at launch, why should Android owners that don’t like the operating system, care about Apple’s latest handset?

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Better Notifications? Have It. One of the nice additions to iOS 5 is an improved notification system. Now, iOS users won’t have their sessions in apps interrupted by an SMS alert or other notification. What’s more, the Notification Center makes it easy for users to find notifications. The only problem is that Android has had improved notifications for quite some time. So, the fact that the iPhone 4S will have better notifications, courtesy of iOS 5, isn’t all that impressive to Android owners.

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More Form Factors MatterThe big disappointment with the iPhone 4S is that it features the same physical design as its predecessor, the iPhone 4. Although that design is quite nice, and many people like it, Android owners have voted with their wallets, saying that they like the design of their own handsets instead. If Apple showed off a new design with the iPhone 4S, maybe it could have coaxed more Android users to its side. But the iPhone maker didn’t do that, and most Android handset owners will likely stay put because of it.

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The Internals Aren’t Impressive EnoughThe iPhone 4S comes with a dual-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera — two features missing from its predecessor. Although iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 owners are happy to see that, many Android handset owners are doing all they can not to laugh. For months now, those folks have had 8-megapixel cameras and dual-core processors. The fact that the iPhone 4S is playing catch-up doesn’t make it all that appealing to handset owners who are already enjoying those key components.

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The App Advantage Isn’t All That GreatFor years, one of the key advantages for iOS has been its App Store. But over the last several months, developers have been increasingly turning to the Android Market to offer their applications. What’s more, several other marketplaces, including Amazon’s own Android app store, have helped make Google’s operating system a favored destination for many developer creations.

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Pricing MattersAlthough there are several high-priced Android smartphones on the market, there are still many others that consumers can buy for quite cheap. In fact, there are some nice Android handsets offered for free with two-year contracts. The iPhone 4S, however, starts at $199, and goes up to $399. Considering today’s economy, that’s somewhat expensive, and it makes all the cheaper options available in the Android ecosystem all the more attractive.

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Many Don’t Like Apple AnywayIt might sound callous, but one of the main reasons many Android handset owners aren’t impressed by the iPhone 4S is that they simply don’t like Apple. For years, those folks have looked at Apple and seen a closed, controlled organization. And finally, those Android users have, in their opinions, found a platform that effectively takes Apple on. Android is, and will continue to be, their desired platform.