Several additions to ViewSonic’s Access partner program, including leads from the vendor and financing, are designed to help resellers close more deals and sell more rather than chase opportunities.

A response to partner demand, the reseller is moving resources into demand generation and delivering partners “hot” pre-qualified (proven interest) leads, backed up with sales support, financing and incentives to close the deal, said Jeff Volpe, vice president of marketing, ViewSonic Americas.

The display company wants its resellers focused on fulfillment of quality opportunities and not chasing bad leads, Volpe said.

“We’re fueling purchases for them,” Volpe said. “We’re creating leads out of suspects… We’re allowing them to benefit from our database of corporate America.”

Some will be as easy as desktop replacements; others might be along the lines of a customer in need of a digital signage solution, he said.

ViewSonic also added Flexible Flooring, extended, 60-day financing on selected products through distributors; Access Bid Desk, a quick response quote program to deliver prices in under 24 hours; and Growth Incentive Rebates, upfront rewards to push sales.

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ViewSonic put together 19 elements of the program designed to make sellers out of VARs that crave best in class, ViewSonic executives said.

“There is a huge factor of customers and VARs who drive for best in class,” said Steve Woo, vice president of channel marketing and sales operations, ViewSonic Americas.

“But the bundling issue has been with us since the ages. We’ve competed by being best in class and swaying factors can be price, incentives, value prop. This program is designed to help with incentives and business opportunities to make our product a good decision.”

View Sonic also sales and marketing tools, a refurbished Access partner portal and 50 percent off products and free shipping for demonstration units, a lease program.