Security information and event management vendor TriGeo is launching a channel program aimed at bringing its technology to small and medium-size business customers.

The technology serves as a security information management tool, collecting the information from multiple security systems into a single tool that allows users to monitor overall activity on an entire network.

“Many of the VARs I talk to are used to doing a lot of forensics—they are asking what security holes were breached after the damage has been done,” said Craig Smith, who joined the Post Falls, Idaho, company eight months ago as director of channel marketing. “In this new category, we allow proactive security of all these different events, which allows us to do things like shut down a security breach in progress.”

Pricing is based on a subscription model, providing recurring revenues to VARs.

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TriGeo’s new channel program, announced at the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week, offers deal protection, 30 percent margins, marketing funds based on past sales, joint sales calls, customer visits, and online demonstration and training opportunities.

For example, Philadelphia-based VAR Infradapt has used TriGeo’s Web demos to help explain the benefits of the SIEM (security information and event management) technology to potential customers.

“We see customers go through one demo and they get excited immediately,” said Corey McFadden, managing partner of the VAR, which serves the region including Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware. Infradapt specializes in banking, health care and other regulated industries.

“The technology gives users the ability to track things that they could never get their arms around before,” McFadden said. “For example, a user plugging a USB stick into a system.”

McFadden said that Infradapt’s customers are interested in the technology for everything from enforcing HR policies to keeping track of intellectual property assets.

And while many SIEM systems are notoriously complex to implement and manage, John Reilly, a vice president at Infradapt, said that this system takes about a third of the time to implement than other systems that the company has tested.

TriGeo is targeting environments of between 50 and 5,000 nodes. The entry-level price for a 50-node license is $19,840.