A Netherlands judge last week granted Microsoft Corp. a preliminary injunction against desktop Linux vendor Lindows.com Inc. and its resellers. The decision by the Amsterdam District Court “orders Lindows.com within eight days of service of this judgment to cease and desist from the infringement of … the WINDOWS trademark … by using the signs “Lindows”, “Lindows.com” and/or “LindowsOS.”

The court then specified that Lindows could not be sold; Lindows.com’s resellers would have eight days to return Lindows software they had on hand to Lindows.com and to remove Lindows from any machines they might have installed on it.

Michael Robertson, CEO of San Diego-based Lindows.com, told eWEEK.com: “We’re translating the full judgment now, but the essence of the judgment is that it bars us from selling LindowsOS in the Netherlands. We will appeal.”

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