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Lenovo will release its IdeaPad S10-2, a thinner and lighter update to its
IdeaPad S10 netbook, but featuring a bigger keyboard in answer to customer
feedback. Like its predecessor, the IdeaPad S10-2 features facial recognition
technology and QuickStart instant-on capabilities for applications such as Web
browsing and Skype.

The IdeaPad S10-2 starts at just over 2 pounds and is less than an inch thick.
In addition, Lenovo says the new netbook provides 3G connectivity, Dolby
headphone technology and a long battery life. Lenovo’s design also includes a
ring pattern on the top cover of the netbook in pink, gray, white or black.

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netbooks — have fallen sharply early this year.

Lenovo says the IdeaPad S10-2 netbook will be
available through business partners at the end of June and other outlets at the
end of May, starting at $349.

The IdeaPad S10-2’s keyboard is nearly 90 percent the size of a standard
keyboard—a design choice intended to provide users with a better typing
experience, and making it a better choice for business users. The keyboard
includes identically sized and balanced shift keys on both sides of they
keyboard, and the touchpad is larger and easier to use, too, according to
Lenovo. In addition, the IdeaPad S10-s comes with three USB
ports, a 4-in-1 card reader and up to 6 hours of battery life.

Lenovo’s IdeaPad S10-2 also features Lenovo’s QuickStart technology—a Linux
operating system embedded in the motherboard that enables users to quickly
start using their favorite applications—Web browsers, Skype, instant messages
and others—without having to wait for the primary operating system to finish

The IdeaPad S10-2 also offers VeriFace facial recognition technology that lets
users log in with just their face rather than having to remember a password.
The built-in Web cam can also be used for Web calls and video recording.