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Software, a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions specialist,
announced the availability of LabTech Cloud, a cloud-based
software-as-a-service (SaaS) option for managed service providers (MSPs).
Following the introduction of LabTech Cloud, the company plans to roll out more
cloud computing-compatible technologies and services to help reduce partners’
operational costs and increase profitability.

LabTech Cloud, IT service providers worldwide can offer remote management by
subscribing to the service and offering it to their own customers. LabTech
Cloud is the full version of the company’s remote monitoring and management
solution. Because the application is offered as a subscription service, there
is no need for administrators to buy and provision hardware.

fees are based on a pay-as-you-go model in addition to LabTech upgrades at no
additional cost as new updates become available. Cloud-based software provides
additional value by enabling rapid deployment to worldwide partners regardless
of physical location, including those in LabTech Software’s recently announced
Asian and European distribution markets. 

future of computing isn’t a one-size-fits-all delivery model. By offering both
SaaS and on-premises options, we are able to best meet the needs of our
partners and prospective partners," said Matt Nachtrab, CEO of LabTech
Software. "Our partners constantly enlighten us to evolving use cases
around managed services, but what remains absolute is security, scalability,
affordability and value, and LabTech Cloud delivers these while keeping costs

late December, the company announced its integration with Reflexion Networks’
suite of email services to provide an automated way to ensure the integrity and
health of hosted email services. LabTech’s integration monitors the
availability of the Reflexion Total Control (RTC) and Reflexion Archiving,
Discovery and Recovery (RADAR) services’ user interface, and sends an alert if
service is interrupted. LabTech also proactively monitors the latency of the
Reflexion mail scanner to help detect inbound or outbound latency, sending an
alert if any is found. In this way, service-affecting incidents are identified,
and steps can be taken to ensure service quality.

provides a range of hosted email services. RTC is a hosted email security
service that blocks spam, viruses and volume-based attacks before they reach
the corporate network. RADAR provides businesses with a searchable email
archive that can be accessed at any time from anywhere on the Internet.