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Kaspersky Lab bundled eight security products into an Anti-Malware Protection System to provide seamless security from endpoint and mobile devices all the way to the gateway.

A mix of new and enhanced software, the Anti-Malware Protection System was announced on Nov. 2. The new Kaspersky products include the Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway to scan Web traffic and the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Smartphone, with support for Symbian, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry phones.

The enhanced applications have a newly updated anti-virus engine, and include Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition; for Linux and FreeBSD File Servers; and for Lotus Domino; Kaspersky Security 8.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers 2007/2010; and Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8.0 for Linux and Mac.

“This launch is not about products. It’s about establishing the best anti-malware protection across every layer of the enterprise,” said Gary Mullen, senior director for marketing at Kaspersky.

Malware has become “incredibly sophisticated” with many threat vectors, so it’s important to have multiple layers of protection, said Mullen. With a mobile workforce that gets online outside of the office, having just an anti-virus on the gateway is not enough, said Mullen. Kaspersky made it a point to have the same anti-virus engine in every product component to ensure the “most comprehensive” security was available, according to Mullen.

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway scans only Web traffic, and does not scan traffic going through other ports that the organization has open in the firewall, said Mullen. Organizations can open up non-Web ports—ports other than 443, 80, 8000 or 8080—in the firewall to give users access to certain applications and machines, which leaves them unprotected unless there are other levels of protection in place.

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