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a provider of unified data storage for cloud and virtual environments,
announced that it has signed a strategic alliance with nDataStor, a provider of
data storage networking and computing solutions. Responding to market demand
for enterprise-class unified data storage solutions for cloud and virtual
environments among small to medium-size businesses (SMBs), nDataStor began
addressing that market with IceWeb arrays shipping immediately. The first
install will happen in the current quarter and be followed up with an
additional deployment some time during 2012, the companies said in a joint

Model 6000-HR offers a highly redundant dual-controller configuration that
scales to 224TB with  affordable
disk shelves, removing the need to add controllers to add capacity. The
flexible unified data storage array supports SSD, ENT SAS and MDL SAS drives.
With VMware integration, IceWeb’s unified data storage systems support both
file and block data, enabling cloud computing providers to reduce the amount of
hardware and physical storage they need to support a growing customer base.

to IT research firm Enterprise Strategy Group, 47 percent of storage
administrators surveyed planned to deploy unified data storage, due to the
inherent cost savings attained through reduced power, cooling, management and
optimized storage utilization. Through its proprietary software technology,
IceWeb’s unified data storage systems optimize storage utilization through thin
provisioning, linked clones, inline compression and inline block deduplication,
which the company said could help businesses save up to 90 percent of storage

culmination of cloud and virtualization technologies in mid-market
organizations has added unnecessary complexity to these environments,"
said John R. Signorello, IceWeb’s CEO. "IceWeb’s unified data storage
arrays dramatically simplify these environments by enabling cloud and
virtualized environments to standardize on a single, unified platform for both block
and file data, while simultaneously leveraging thin provisioning to get the
most out of deployed storage capacity throughout the data center. These
capabilities and performance requirements have been unserved by traditional
storage vendors at a price point suitable for mid-market organizations.
IceWeb’s unified data storage systems satisfy that need, as demonstrated by
today’s announcement."

of the company’s unified storage platforms are available through IceWeb’s
value-added distributor Promark Technology. Promark markets its IceWeb products
throughout the United States through its nationwide network of 1,200 channel