Fujitsu Computer Systems is the latest top-tier vendor to enter the low-end storage wars by introducing a new storage area network for that mass market.

The Sunnyvale, Calif., company’s dual-controller-based Eternus 2000 SAN, launched Oct. 17 at Storage Networking World in Dallas, is targeted at small and midsize data centers that struggle with cost and power-consumption issues, storage marketing director Nori Kondo told eWEEK.

Fujitsu, known for supplying both branded and OEM high-end systems for several major vertical markets, is including the same high-availability and ease-of-management features in the Eternus 2000 that are found in most advanced Fujitsu storage systems, Kondo said.

The Eternus 2000 combines a new power design with a MAID (massive array of idle disks) setup for reduced power consumption and costs, as well as for extended system life, Hondo said.

MAID products are disk-based archives with unique capabilities that not only minimize power consumption but also prolong the lives of hard drives. The selling point of MAID is that it delivers performance in the hard drive array class when data is requested, yet reduces the amount of energy wasted when archive data is in idle mode.

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