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Everyone knows smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products causes numerous forms of cancer. But can cigarette smoke contaminate an inanimate object with carcinogens? Apparently, that’s what Apple and its authorized repair shops believe.
The Consumerist reports receiving at least two complaints from Mac owners who were refused warranty service because the owners were smokers.

In both cases, the owners were denied having their Mac computers repaired because they were contaminated with nicotine, carbon monoxide and other cancerous agents. The owners told the Consumerist that their local Apple store first, then Apple corporate, said smoking by the machines owner or having a smoker in the home of the machine’s owner was enough to void the warranty.

Cigarettes and their active ingredients are listed as known carcinogens in California—where Apple is headquartered—and by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. However, there’s nothing in health regulations about smoking residue, and there’s no mention in the Apple warranty about smoking voiding terms of service.

Apple hasn’t responded to calls by various press organizations for clarification of the warranty and whether smoking would void terms of service.