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1 - The Long March to SDN TransformationThe Long March to SDN Transformation

A new survey from Juniper Networks links advances in software-defined networking to enabling digital business disruptions.

2 - SDN and NFV AdoptionSDN and NFV Adoption

82% of ITDMs say they have deployed SDN. But only a third say their environment is predominantly based on SDN. And 85% report they are also already using NFV, with 36% saying NFVs are widely deployed.

3 - Top SDN BenefitsTop SDN Benefits

ITDMs that have implemented SDN cited cloud interconnect (54%), virtual data center (49%), security automation (48%) and network visibility (45%) as the primary benefits.

4 - Top NFV BenefitsTop NFV Benefits

Virtualization security and virtualization routing top the list, at 47% each, followed by network analytics (45%) and WAN optimization (44%).

5 - Rise of AutomationRise of Automation

On average, about two-thirds of ITDMs and BDMs have a positive view of network automation. Another third admit to being anxious about it.

6 - Obstacles to IT Infrastructure UpgradesObstacles to IT Infrastructure Upgrades

For IT infrastructure upgrades, budget tops the list of obstacles for ITDMs (51%) and BDMs (48%). ITDMs also cite security and compliance (48%), followed by legacy network technologies (43%). In contrast, BDMs cite employee skill sets (43%) and security and compliance (40%) as the next major obstacles.

7 - IT Infrastructure as a Product Development ObstacleIT Infrastructure as a Product Development Obstacle

More than two-thirds of ITDMs and BDMs say legacy IT infrastructure will be an obstacle to product development.

8 - Criticality of Network ServicesCriticality of Network Services

Seven out of 10 ITDMs say the C-suite doesn’t consider the network to be critical to their companies’ success.

9 - Need for More Tech-Savvy Leaders in the C-SuiteNeed for More Tech-Savvy Leaders in the C-Suite

Nearly nine of out 10 ITDMs and BDMs said their organization would perform better if the leaders in the C-suite were more tech-savvy.

10 - Rate of Digital DisruptionRate of Digital Disruption

Only 22% of ITDMs and 30% of BDMs expect a technology, product or service disruption to occur in their industry within the coming year. But 33% of ITDMs and 21% of BDMs expect a disruption within one to two years.

11 - Time to DisruptionTime to Disruption

46% of ITDMs and 50% of BDMs said it would take their organization more than a year to deliver a new product or service.

12 - IT Skills ShortageIT Skills Shortage

45% of ITDMs said that 25% or more of the IT organization will not have the critical skills required in five years, vs. 41% of BDMs that said the same.