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EPoX is a second-tier motherboard maker with a less visible presence than some of the bigger names like ASUS or MSI. The company has a good reputation for making motherboards that cost less but push the performance envelope, like the nForce2-based EP-8RDA+. Now, as seems to be the case with many motherboard makers, it’s getting into the rapidly exploding small form factor market with its first barebones system, the eX5 Mini Me.

That’s right, it’s called the “Mini Me.” As fun as it is to put your pinky to your lips and do your best Doctor Evil impression (“I shall build a small Pentium 4 system, and I shall call him Mini Me…”), it’s not likely that this Taiwanese company is making an intentional Austin Powers reference. This, of course, makes the name even funnier.

As they say, “a rose by any other name runs Halo PC just as sweet,” and, despite a silly name and a few rough edges, this looks like a fairly respectable barebones SFF system. Let’s find out how EPoX fares with its first entry into an established market.

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