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1Data Storage Growth Trends that Benefit the Channel

More Data than Ever BeforeData is growing in leaps and bounds. In fact, Berkeley School of Management recently said more data has been created in the last three years than in the whole of human history. And, experts say it’s just going to keep going and growing.

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Not just for Enterprises any more.Big companies used to be the main purchasers of data storage products, but, with all the data out there, SMBs and even individual consumers need storage and related solutions for disaster recovery and backup. A surge of channel-focused vendors such as ParaScale, Scale Computing and Promise Technology are responding with new and affordable solutions for the SMB.

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Complex Files Require More StorageVideo, 3D and complex graphics are being used by both enterprises and individual. And, it all needs to be stored in a way that allows quick and easy access (read: high performance.) Increased performance and scalability for applications from online video to smart phones means newer storage products and a whole new landscape.

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SOX Back in the NewsCompliance will continue to drive more purchases and decisions for storage solutions that promote business continuity, disaster recovery and other compliance requirements like HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley. “Solutions that mirror data locally, are becoming more and more of an interest,” says Ray Bahar, VP Americas and Marketing for Promise Technology.

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Healthcare Impacting MarketThe healthcare IT market is in a huge surge because of a variety of factors, including EHR requirements. When it comes to storage, though, more MRI and X-Ray images combined with more government-mandated electronic medical records means more storage capacity required.

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SSDs in More DemandSolid state drives may be pricey, but they provide higher performance. And, in an age where more storage is required, that’s changing the landscape of the market.