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Nuance Communications announced Jan. 3 that it has completed its acquisition of MobileVoiceControl, bolstering its speech-enabled services.

The Burlington, Mass., provider of speech and imaging platforms, Nuance’s finalized acquisition will bring MobileVoiceControl’s speech services to Nuance’s mobile and wireless devices.

“The acquisition of MobileVoiceControl is the extension of Nuance’s mobile technologies into a true service offering, including voice-automated mobile search and messaging,” said Matt Revis, product marketing director of Nuance.

With MobileVoiceControl’s services, users will be able to press one button on their mobile phones and speak their request, removing the need for a user to handle tiny keypads or sort through menus to perform certain tasks.

The acquisition will also allow users to dictate and send e-mail or text messages, browse the Web, and create a calendar to keep track of personal meetings or different events.

“Through the acquisition, Nuance will leverage relationships MobileVoiceControl has with Sprint and Gannet to provide end users with an easy-to-use, convenient service that will allow them to get more from their mobile devices,” Revis said. “Simply press a button and get instant access to news, weather, sports, financial information and more.”

Users of Nuance’s mobile and wireless devices will also be able to use MobileVoiceControl’s Narrator service designed for the BlackBerry Pearl smart phone, which enables users to have their e-mails read aloud to them through their handset’s speakerphone, headset or hands-free car kit.

“The MobileVoiceControl service will save [mobile users] time and keep them safer, since by using speech technologies to create and hear messages, you can keep your eyes on the road, not on your device,” Revis said.

The Narrator service from MobileVoiceControl also allows users to keep their eyes and hands free while listening to incoming e-mails, a benefit for business users who are constantly on the go.

“Technology integration work will begin right away, so that customers will be able to get the very latest cutting-edge Nuance Mobile technology as part of their MobileVoiceControl service,” Revis said.

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