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Las Vegas —Samsung kicked off CES with a bunch of announcements that included the Samsung Q1P-SSD—its next generation UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC).

I stopped by the booth to witness with my own eyes the new and exciting improvements Samsung was boasting about at its press conference, eight months after its first-generation flop. Suffice to say, the second-generation unit is not that much better.

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Samsung announced that the Q1P-SSD would be the first UMPC to receive SSD (solid state flash). Sure, using flash as a storage device makes the unit more durable, but does anyone really care about faster boot-up times? Personally, booting into Windows 10 seconds faster doesn’t do a whole lot for me.

Furthermore, they claim that performance and data transfer speeds improve significantly, but according to some of my own tests, the performance boost you get with flash is not worth the price increase.

Speaking of which, the unit is expensive, too.

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