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Intel posted new prices for Intel’s mobile processors, including its latest
low-voltage and ultralow-voltage processors, the LV Intel Core 2 Duo L7700,
L7500 and L7300.

The LV Intel Core 2 Duo L7700 (1.8GHz), L7500 (1.6GHz) and L7300 (1.4GHz)
have 4MB Level 2 caches and support for an 800MHz FSB.

The $316 L7700 costs as much as the Penryn-based 2.53GHz T9400 processor.

The ultralow-voltage processors will find their way into laptops like the
new Lenovo ThinkPad X301 and the HP EliteBook 2530p and 2730p. The U7700
(1.33GHz), the U7600 (1.2GHz) and the U7500 (1.06GHz) have 2MB L2 Cache and
support a 533MHz FSB. Like their LV
counterparts, they are developed on a 65-nm process, essentially making them
non-Penryn cores.

While the above LV and ULV processors are all Core 2 Duos, meaning that they
have dual cores, the U2200 (1.2GHz) and the U2100 (1.06GHz) will run on single