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At the International Consumer Electronics Show, scheduled to take place in Las Vegas on Jan. 9, Fulton Innovation will introduce a way to charge wireless devices with its eCoupled technology, which allows for the transmission of power and data without the need for cords and ports.

Fulton Innovation, a member of the Alticor family of corporations, announced the technology Dec. 27. David Hazlett, director of business development for Fulton Innovation, told eWEEK, “Our vision is that eCoupled technology will become the standard for delivering wireless power to a wide variety of electrical and electronic devices.”

This technology transfers energy from one device to another through a shared magnetic field. The user places the device in a wireless charger, which verifies whether the device is close enough to be charged. Then the power is transferred by electromagnetic induction from the charging surface to the user’s device.

“Any product that uses power can be revolutionized by eCoupled technology,” Hazlett said, in Grand Rapids, Mich. “It applies to common consumer electronic devices such as cellular phones, digital music players and PDAs.”

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eCoupled technology features a feedback and control system that will correspond with individual devices in real time, enabling the technology to determine the power needs of the particular wireless device as well as the age and charging habits of the battery. This will help the technology to deliver the right amount of power to keep a device at high efficiency, the company said.

Hazlett told eWEEK that eCoupled technology was developed in response to consumer struggles with power cords and chargers.

“Power cords and chargers have been the bane of consumer devices for years, with bulky cords and cables contributing to office and home clutter and presenting a potential safety hazard,” Hazlett said. “These difficulties result in lost business and social opportunities.”

Products that will use eCoupled technology are scheduled to be brought to market in 2007. Pricing will depend on specific features and benefits provided by Fulton Innovation’s partners.

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