1Top 10 Tech Vendors for ROI

Ever vendor claims to have the best technology and value for end users, but the ultimate test resides in the user experience. CIO Insight, a sister publication to Channel Insider, recently published the findings of its annual Vendor Value survey, which measures end-user value perceptions of leading vendors. Channel Insider parsed the list to only channel-centric vendors. The vendors on this list are the leading channel-centric companies that have the best return on investment value among business end users.

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Users gave the security vendor high marks for meeting ROI expectations, as well as delivering technologies that solve business problems.

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In the eyes of end users, Adobe’s document management and creative software products excel at increasing revenue and delivering on quality expectations.

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With products ranging from online meetings and presentation applications to desktop and data center virtualization technology, Citrix earned high praise from end users for its ability to solve problems.

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This open-source operating system and middleware software vendor garnered high marks among end users for its ability to lower operating costs.

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End users gave Check Point the highest marks of all the vendors evaluated for its ability to solve problems. The security vendor also earned solid grades for its ability to increase customers’ revenue performance.

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With products ranging from IP telephony to security hardware, 3Com earned solid marks from end users for solving problems, cost containment and ease of doing business.

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HP is a company on a roll, and customers are supporting its continued success. With products ranging from printers to data center racks, HP has earned the trust of end users, who gave it high marks for loyalty.

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Look in any data center and you’ll likely find Cisco gear. End users gave the networking company among the highest marks for loyalty, problem solving and meeting expectations.

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While individual ratings for problem solving, increasing revenues and others evaluation categories were slightly better than average, Dell’s solid performance across the survey metric propelled it to the top of the list for overall ROI.

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One of the grandfathers of the security world, RSA trumped all other vendors in terms of meeting customer expectations, improving their business operations, delivering quality and ensuring ease of doing business.