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1Seven Mobile Security and Management Products Worth a Look

Sybase rolled out iPhone support and a bevy of new security features during first quarter for the latest refresh of its highly mature, market-leading iAnywhere Mobile Office software. Included among new features are secure communications without requiring open inbound ports to corporate networks, remote device administration and centralization of a new Web-based console.Key Features of iAnywhere: Support for Windows Mobile 5 or greater, Nokia Series 60 3rd Edition and iPhone, over-the-air provisioning and deployment, device configuration management, secure e-mail delivery and network connectivity, password policy enforcement, device encryption, remote wipe.

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Released in April, the new Good for Enterprise 6.0 adds iPhone support and a few other bells and whistles such as voice-activated dialing on devices that are password-protected and scheduled e-mail synchronization for better battery life to this well-regarded mobility management software.Key Features of Good for Enterprise 6.0: Support for Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1, Symbian Series S60, Palm, and iPhone, policy management and enforcement auditing, access and application control, over-the-air software and configuration management, remote wipe.

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A mobility management suite designed to tackle operations and security management of devices, Zenprise Mobile Manager added support during the first half of the year for Windows Mobile smartphones and Palm Pre devices on top of its existing support for iPhones and BlackBerry devices.Key Features of Mobile Manager: Monitors and troubleshoots Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry server and other network services to devices, enforces device configuration policies, automates capacity management, roll-based access control to network resources, geolocation and remote wipe, application audit.

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PGP last month released its latest update to its mobile encryption solution, PGP Mobile 9.10, which added encryption support to data in transit via e-mail from supported smartphones on top of encryption of data at rest.Key Features of PGP Mobile: Support for Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 Professional Edition devices, automatic e-mail encryption without user intervention, encryption of file data on devices, centralized policy, user and key management when paired with PGP Universal Server.

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Last quarter Trust Digital refreshed its Enterprise Mobility Management platform to include reporting and compliance management, as well as enhanced Software Package Distribution, which allows administrators one-click, remote deployment of security fixes, application deployment and updates based on criteria such as the carrier, user, user group, device model, phone number or type of OS.Key Features of Enterprise Mobility Management: Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian support, user authentication and identity management, asset tracking and device state reporting, remote wipe and remote lock of lost devices, help desk diagnostics, configuration management, application management, file encryption.

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In February Absolute added support for BlackBerry devices to its laundry list of smartphone platforms supported by Computrace Mobile, a geolocation and remote wipe point solution.Key Features of Computrace Mobile: Support for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices, geolocation with accuracy of up to 20 meters, remote wipe, smartphone asset and audit reports.

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This month Credant released Credant Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition 6.5, which adds significant Apple device and Mac support to its comprehensive platform that seeks to tie together smartphones protection with all endpoints.Key Features of Credant Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition: Detection and auditing of all smartphone and endpoint device activity, port access control, device application restriction, centralized policy management, password and data recovery.