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1Security Most Important by Age

Older workers have greater security appreciation

2Difference in Priorities – Gen Y versus Baby Boomers

Hard for Gen Y to distinguish between work and play

3Very Concerned about Security and Privacy

Also differs substantially with age

4Sources of Security Attacks Causing Most Concern

Web sites are now the number one threat

5Knowledgeable about Security

Gen Y never lacks for confidence

6Has Experienced Computer Security Issues in the Last Two Years

They take more risks

7Have You Had Any of the Following Security Issues in the Last Two Years?

Viruses are everywhere

8Use Additional Security Software

Gen Y clearly more reckless

9Reason for Not Using Additional Security Software

Cost is clearly an issue

10Expect Security Software to Be Free

Getting harder to sell security software

11Keep Personal Data on Their Computers

Almost everybody does

12Do Not Follow Security Best Practices

Gen Y worst offenders