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Ribstone Systems announced Dec. 29 that along with Scientigo, it will release its indexing and data reviewing software designed to help law firms store, search and find documents.

This offering from the Chicago, Ill. developer of document capture and image processing software, will also offer law firms a way to document indexed photo copied documents.

Eric Rodriguez, president of Ribstone Systems, told eWEEK that, “Ribstone’s goal is to generate document profiles at significantly less cost than traditional manual processes used today.”

The combined offering from the two companies will offer law firms document processing and will provide them with a way to search for documents scanned with Ribstone applications.

Under the partnership agreement, Ribstone and Scientigo, the Charlotte, N.C. developer of document recognition, enterprise content management and search technologies, will put an automated indexing feature into Ribstone’s MFP (multifunctional peripheral) document scanning applications.

The automated indexing feature will allow a Ribstone engine to control document indexing and coding instead of having law firms handle it manually.

The new indexing and data reviewing software from the two companies will also allow users to use an OCR (optical character recognition) system to translate text or images and be able to index and scan documents simultaneously.

“The quality of the documents scanned is the number one factor for accurate data,” Rodriguez said. “Clients will be able to lower most document indexing expenses from 50 percent to 70 percent.”

The first generation of Ribstone’s automated document indexing application is available now and pricing starts at $9,995 per year for each processing engine.

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