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Boutique memory firm OCZ Technology has shifted its Enhanced Bandwidth technology higher up the DDR-2 stepladder.

OCZ’s new PC2-5400 DDR-2 modules will be available in a matched pair of modules totaling 1 gigabyte and 2 gigabytes, respectively. The first modules, PC2-5400 EB, will run at speeds of up to 667-MHz using CL 4-2-2-8 timings.

Although OCZ did not announce prices for the new modules, one retailer is selling the pair of modules totalling 2 Gbytes for $710.50. Two “normal” 1-Gbyte 667-MHz PC2-5400 DDR-2 modules normally sell for about $600 online; 2 Gbytes of DDR-1 memory can cost between $200-$340, depending on the speed of the memory used.

The Enhanced Bandwidth technology uses “relaxed CAS latencies that are hidden behind burst outputs of data,” according to the company.

In other boutique DRAM news, Corsair said that its TwinXP1024-3200XL XPERT memory, which features an LCD “dashboard” along it, has begun shipping, as expected.