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Cal Net Technology Group CEO Zack Schuler understands that to succeed in business you need to market your capabilities and what differentiates you from the competition.

He also understands the power of video in conveying such messages, and that a solution provider needs more than just a rack of servers and a pithy tech story to tell on camera. That’s why he enlisted Hollywood icon Tony Dow for a couple of homespun videos about Cal Net’s services.

That’s right, Tony Dow. Or, as most of the world knows him, Wally–the guy who played the older brother in “Leave It to Beaver.”

Dow, who now works as a film producer and amateur sculptor, lent his persona to Cal Net, goofing on his image as the oppressive teen to Jerry Mathers’ awkward Beaver in the television show that ran from 1957 to 1963.

Dow’s son, Christopher, is Schuler’s best friend and was best man in his wedding. Schuler conceived of the idea for the self-deprecating videos and Dow was more than happy to oblige him. The series of three videos are funny and refreshing from the dry tech videos and awkwardly executed humorous videos that many VARs attempt.

Check out the rest of the videos that Dow did for Cal Net at: I recommend the Grandma video next. They’re enough to make Eddie Haskell green with envy.