Content management vendor Hummingbird Ltd. has joined forces with leading storage software vendor Veritas Software to provide a joint solution designed to help organizations better manage electronic records.

The alliance will combine Hummingbird Enterprise for enterprise content management with e-mail and content archiving software Veritas Enterprise Vault 6.0. By combining the two products, the companies hope to provide end-to-end lifecycle management for e-mail and attachments, instant messages, and file system documents.

The combination of Veritas Enterprise Vault’s scalable e-mail archival capability and Hummingbird’s ability to manage the lifecycle of e-mail messages and related documents will allow customers to better manage electronic records, comply with a host of regulations, simplify management of documents and e-mail, and aid in retention and retrieval, said Andrew Pery, chief marketing officer and senior vice president at Toronto-based Hummingbird.

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“Our customers want a scalable content repository, but at the same time they want to be able to move e-mail to a less expensive storage medium,” he said. “Veritas, through Enterprise Vault, offers a scalable e-mail archival capability that will be tightly integrated with Hummingbird so our customers can move from managing documents and e-mails to archiving them and retrieving them when there is a discovery or protest, or when they have to do so to meet regulatory requirements.”

The offering will use the standard look and feel of Microsoft Outlook, the most commonly used interface for many organizations. Using this interface will help simplify the management of documents and e-mail, Pery said.

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