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Big Data

1 - How Tech Execs Perceive the Top IT DisruptersHow Tech Execs Perceive the Top IT Disrupters

A new study shows that cloud computing, the Internet of things and data analytics should drive the most business transformations in the coming years.

2 - Difference-MakersDifference-Makers

11% say cloud computing will drive the greatest business transformations over the next three years, while 9% cite the IoT and another 9% say it will be data/analytics.

3 - National PrideNational Pride

29% say the U.S. demonstrates the most promise for developing world-changing, disruptive tech breakthroughs, while 23% say China does.

4 - Hot CitiesHot Cities

22% say Tokyo will emerge as a leading innovation hub over the next four years, and 19% say New York will. (For the purposes of this question, survey respondents were asked to pick a city/region other than Silicon Valley.)

5 - Formidable Challenges, Part IFormidable Challenges, Part I

20% say access to capital will present the most likely barrier to innovation for tech companies, and 18% say restrictive regulatory policies will.

6 - Formidable Challenges, Part IIFormidable Challenges, Part II

15% say a lack of innovation within the corporate culture will serve as the biggest roadblock to innovation, while 14% say a fear of failure will.

7 - Market WatchMarket Watch

Outside the tech industry, 11% say consumer markets/retailers will undergo the greatest transformation over the next three years as a result of emerging tech, while 9% say the energy sector will.

8 - Currency ConverterCurrency Converter

42% say it’s “very likely” that digital currencies like Bitcoin will disrupt banking and payments over the next three years.

9 - Cash VaultCash Vault

22% say cyber-security will play a “critical” part in whether digital currencies succeed, and 15% cite the accessibility of the currencies.

10 - Need for SpeedNeed for Speed

20% say the ability to improve efficiencies/productivity is the top business benefit of IoT, while 20% point to faster innovation cycles.