Don’t Kill Your PC

Blue screen of death, Windows 2000.

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Maybe it’s the slow boot up time, an inane dialog box that only lets you say “OK” to something that is not ok at all, or application crashes that happen time and time again. (“Would you like to send an error report?”)

If you’ve been there, you know your customers have too. A new study shows that about 40 percent of people around the world have cursed at their computers at one time or another, and about the same number have never yelled at their PCs. Eleven percent wished a catastrophic act upon their PC.  Lightening bolt, anyone?

Just 9 percent have resorted to actual violence by hitting their PC with another object such as their fist, or a baseball bat. And 3 percent have actually picked up a computer and smashed it into the ground or against another object in disgust. But come on. Even if you haven’t actually done it, you know you’ve wanted to, right?

The poll, conducted by German IT security company Avira contacted 14,284 consumers, pointed out just how reliant people are on their digital tools, and how frustrating it can be when things go wrong. 

Tell your customers, no need to resort to violence.  You can fix their problem, or else hook them up with a new machine.

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