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Digital transformation complexity

1 - Digital Transformation: Why Failure Is Not an OptionDigital Transformation: Why Failure Is Not an Option

Customer expectation is driving the pace of digital transformation, but businesses face challenges around legacy infrastructure and steadfast company culture.

2 - Transformation ChallengeTransformation Challenge

87% of global respondents believe digital transformation is a significant strategic challenge for their business. The percentage is significantly higher (91%) for respondents in the U.S. and Canada.

3 - Transformation RoadblockTransformation Roadblock

70% of global respondents agree that efforts to transform the business externally are challenged by their internal organizational complexity. In the U.S and Canada, 71% of respondents agree.

4 - Rapid Response RequiredRapid Response Required

73% of global respondents said digital transformation requires a rapid response to avoid commercial failure. The challenge is even greater in the U.S. and Canada, with the percentage rising to 86%.

5 - Key Drivers of Digital TransformationKey Drivers of Digital Transformation

Two of the biggest global drivers of digital transformation are the need for operational agility (60%) or a response to changing customer expectations (54%). The percentages for respondents in the U.S. and Canada are 61% and 67%, respectively.

6 - Customers RuleCustomers Rule

79% of businesses that have a high level of digital change in progress cite shifts in customer expectations for service/value/experience as the key driver for transformation.

7 - Shifting ExpectationsShifting Expectations

81% of global respondents said that the pace of change in their industry is increasing due to shifts in customer expectation around innovation, service and delivery.

8 - Competitive EdgeCompetitive Edge

75% of global respondents believe that providing a customer experience that addresses the immediate needs of the individual is key to gaining a competitive edge.

9 - Transformation RoadblocksTransformation Roadblocks

The biggest risk factor cited for the need to introduce operation agility is a lack of agility in IT (54%) while the biggest risk for meeting higher levels of customer expectation is a lack of leadership knowledge (41%).

10 - Common ChallengesCommon Challenges

The most common digital transformation challenges are systems complexity (53%) and a long time to implement (51%).

11 - Transformation BarriersTransformation Barriers

51% of businesses believe they are either resistant to (31%), or have mixed views toward transformation and change (20%).

12 - Room for ImprovementRoom for Improvement

Only 25% of businesses globally report highly agile existing systems. Businesses in the U.S. and Canada top the list, with 46% reporting the most agile systems.