Cash Flow

1Cash Flow

$3.6 trillion is the current global value of the overall IT industry.

2Vote of Confidence

37% of IT firm execs expect 2013 profits to be better, compared to just 21% who expect them to be worse.

3Top IT industry drivers in the U.S.

Hardware: 26%
Services: 25%
Software: 17%
Telecom: 32%

4Big Spenders

Public sector: 24%
Information: 20%
Finance: 14%
Manufacturing: 9%

5Who Makes the Biggest Bucks?

Computer and information systems managers: $125,660
Computer and information research scientists: $103,160
Computer hardware engineers: $101,360
Software developers (systems): $100,420
Software developers (applications): $92,080

6Growing Problem

42% of IT and business executives say the IT “skills gap” problem has grown in the past two years.

7Biggest Tech Firm Spending Increases Projected for Next 6 Months

Investments in new products/business lines: 43%
Tech staffing: 40%
Tech spending: 38%

8Scaling Back

36% of IT firms plan to cut costs.


27% will reduce business travel.

10Rising Influence

46% of U.S. IT and business executives feel tech’s contribution to business will be “very” important in 2014, compared to 36% who feel that it’s important today.


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