eCRM vendor Boldchat has officially launched its channel program and said there is no limit to the number of partners it would like to sign up.

The vendor, which offers real-time analytics, e-mail and chat platforms for sales and marketing departments, said it experienced 70 percent growth in 2006 and is aiming for the same this year. “One reason we have taken off in the enterprise is the demand for our e-mail support platform,” Matthew Tharp, director of marketing at Boldchat, told Channel Insider. He said the platform helps sales and marketing departments manage inbound e-mails from customers contacting them over the Web via mass e-mail addresses such as

“We realized a channel program would really work for us. We’ve had a beta version of our program running for the past 12 months, and we are now launching it officially,” he said. Tharp said the program should appeal to any VARs or solution providers that sell or support customers’ Web sites or Web businesses.

“We don’t pretend to know everything about every vertical or every business; the channel does have this expertise, so VARs can sell our offering into their own markets. We have around 20 partners at the moment and don’t have a limit to the number we want to sign up. We’ll add resources to our program to support them as we grow.”

The company offers VARs who join the channel program a recurring revenue stream for the life of the sale, Tharp said. Resellers get commissions of up to 40 percent for the first year, then this drops to 20 percent for as long as the customer uses the product. “We allow resellers to market our product on their Web site and have users sign up and start using it directly from their Web site,” he added.