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1 - Government IT Organizations Get Behind IoTGovernment IT Organizations Get Behind IoT

Government IT organizations are starting to warm up to IoT projects, new research from CompTIA suggests. Here’s a look at key findings from the study.

2 - Number of Government IoT ProjectsNumber of Government IoT Projects

Only 11% of the respondents said they have at least one formal internet of things project under way, but 25% say they are experimenting or have a pilot IoT project in place.

3 - Funding for IoT InitiativesFunding for IoT Initiatives

A third (33%) with some level of IoT project under way say it is being funded by new budget dollar allocations. Another 31% say the project is being funded by the existing IT budget. Another 22% say cost savings are driving the project, while 14% say funding comes from all of the above.

4 - Top Drivers of IoT ProjectsTop Drivers of IoT Projects

New or better streams of data to improve decision-making, staff productivity gains and cost saving from operational efficiencies are the top three drivers of IoT projects.

5 - Top Inhibitors to IoT ProjectsTop Inhibitors to IoT Projects

Security, lack of internet of things expertise and the up-front investment costs associated with these projects are the top three IoT inhibitors.

6 - IoT Security PostureIoT Security Posture

A third (33%) say they are equipped or mostly well equipped to handle IoT security issues. Just under half (47%) say they are well-equipped in some areas.

7 - IoT Impact for Government Agencies TodayIoT Impact for Government Agencies Today

Waste management and utilities is tied with public safety (30%) as being identified as areas where IoT is having the most impact today. Transportation and transparency/open data come in next at 25% and 23%, respectively.

8 - Areas Where IoT Impact Is Expected to Be HighAreas Where IoT Impact Is Expected to Be High

Recreation and environment is tied with transparency/open data at 74% of respondents, followed by transportation at 72% and public safety at 62%.

9 - Business Value of IoT ProjectsBusiness Value of IoT Projects

Half (50%) say IoT will definitely provide value, while another 39% say IoT will probably add value; 11% say IoT will be a distraction from their core mission. Just over a third (36%) say IoT projects are separate and distinct initiatives.

10 - Top IoT TermsTop IoT Terms

Connected (55%), intelligent system (50%), smart (39%) and machine-to-machine (M2M) (33%) are the terms and phrases most associated with IoT.